Friday, March 27, 2015

VIDEO animation of 'Battle in the Airbus' before Crash

English: Air France Airbus A320-200 (F-GLGM) l...
English: Air France Airbus A320-200 (F-GLGM) landing at London Heathrow Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The crash of the Airbus A320 in animation (VIDEO)

Frame by Frame "battle" in the cockpit
[20: 31.27 / 03/2015]

  the animation which is presented to potential horror and horror scenario that unfolded in the cockpit before the fall of the Airbus A320, among the co-pilots.
O Andreas Lubitz «fortified" in the cockpit and began the descent in the Alps, taking away the life of other 149 passengers.
The motive, so far, co-pilot remains unknown to the authorities to seek explanations at home.
The tragic incident made the airlines around the world to change the rules of stay in the cockpit, where, now, we are two people.