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Scotland Yard checks new information about Diana's death

Diana's Death being investigated by Scotland Yard
Princess Diana, Dodi Al Fayed and driver Henri Paul died in a traffic accident in Paris 31 August 1997.
British police investigates no new information they have received about bilulukka in Paris in 1997, where Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed girlfriend died.

Scotland Yard investigates the new details and will assess how credible and relevant they are, they say in a statement. It is nevertheless emphasizes that there is no talk of a new investigation of the case.
Princess Diana was hugely popular, and death sent shock waves through the British society.
The new information, which the British police will not go into details about that will be checked by a group of special investigators, reports the BBC

Gross negligence

Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed died in car accident in the Pont de L'Alma tunnel li Paris 31 August 1997. An investigation in 2008 concluded that the two losing their lives due to gross negligence of the Führer of the car, Henri Paul.
It was proven that he was affected by alcohol and other substances, and it was also pointed out that no one in the car using a seat belt. The only survivor was Dodi Al Fayed's bodyguard Trevor Rees say-Jones.
Accident occurred while the car they drove in was persecution of photographers on motorcycles, after a visit to the Ritz Hotel in the center of the French metropolis.

"Operation Paget"

Dodi Al-Fayed; prinsesse Diana (Foto: PATRICK BAR/AP)
Princess Diana along with Dodi Al Fayed.
Police make it clear that the new information did not have anything with "Operation Paget" to do. This is the police's investigations of accusations that Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed were murdered.
This theory was set up by the wealthy Egyptian-born businessman Mohamed Al Fayed, father of Dodi Al Fayed. He has accused the British royal family for having killed the two because they could not accept that the mother of a future king had a relationship with a Muslim.
In December 2006, British police concluded that there was no basis for the allegations of murder.

Married to Prince Charles

Princess Diana was married to Britain's heir to the throne, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and she was the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. The marriage was dissolved, but it was still huge media interest in Princess Diana and her privacy
Paparazzi-bilde av prinsesse Diana i bilen sammen med livvakt og sjåfør kort tid før hun døde. (Foto: Anonymous/AP)
This paprazzibiletet is the last thing that was taken of Princess Diana (back to) shortly before the disaster.
Photo: Anonymous / AP
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