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Many died in a chemical attack in Syria

Syria gas attack
Many died in what should have been a chemical attack in Syria. No claims government troops that they have found evidence that the rebels are behind the serious attack that also left several hundred dead.
Photo: Stringer / Reuters
Syrian government troops have According to the government controlled broadcasters inga found chemical weapons by rebels in Damascus.

Threatening to storm the rebel base

Soldiers entered the tunnels in Damascus are controlled by rebels.


Aktivister ved lik etter påståtte angrep med kjemiske våpen ved Damaskus, Syria (Foto: STRINGER/Reuters)
The figures on fatalities in the brutal attack that no know who is behind varies from 500 to over 1000.
Photo: Stringer / Reuters
This coincides with the UN representative for disarmament Angela Kane visiting Damascus.

This is done in an attempt to push forward fast access to the place where the big gas attack allegedly took place.

The opposition in Syria accuses government forces in the country to have used chemical weapons to commit a massacre of up to 1,300 civilians in Damascus Wednesday.
The figure was given by George Sabra, a representative of the National Coalition, the umbrella organization of Syrian opposition groups.
It has circulated a number of different estimates of the number killed. Sources in the health care system in Damascus reported Wednesday about 494 killed.
The claim about the use of chemical weapons has not been independently verified.
The Syrian government refutes in the strongest that it has used such weapons.
A group of UN inspectors are currently in Syria to investigate previous allegations of use of chemical weapons but has so far not been given the mandate to investigate the latest incident.
So far, not Assad government said whether they will provide access to the area, despite increasing pressure from the UN, the western powers, the Arab Gulf states and Russia.

Fixing blame on each other for chemical attack

Several amateur videos from Syria are sent out as evidence of what was due to be an attack with chemical weapons in the rebel-controlled town Ghouta the outskirts of Damascus.

Rebel in Syria owes government forces to have attacked with nerve gas in Jobar and other suburbs just before dawn Wednesday.

The figures on fatalities ranging between 500 to over 1000.

Several experts believe the video shows it's used chemical weapons because of symptoms which the people who are affected show. 

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