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Beautiful Haifa Wehbe to split from the businessman Ahmad Abu Hashima

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Special / Editor walker. Com / Information Office announced Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe news of the split with her husband, Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abu Hashima after 4 years of marriage suddenly.

Said a brief statement released by his office Haifa: "We regret to announce that we are all of Ahmed Abu Hashima and Haifa Wehbe our decision to secede after a love story and marriage continued for a period of 6 years." The statement continued: "We would like to make it clear that we have come to believe the adoption of this resolution, with an emphasis on the continuing relationship of friendship and mutual respect between us in recognition of years Companionship that brought us together."

The Information Office of Haifa "We chose to announce both the news of our separation in an official capacity and directly because we realize our duty towards the people and the press, as we have announced four years ago for the news of the marriage."

While brief statement did not reveal any of the details of the decision of separation or causes but stressed at the end of the request "the need to respect the privacy of the decision," said the statement. The statement was signed on behalf of Haifa Abu Hashima together also distributed two versions Arabic and English and published by the Office Haifa on official accounts of many of the social networking sites at the same time.

The media picked up since the reports of tension to the relationship between Wehbe and Abu Hashima.

The sources close to the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abuhishama (37 years), said that differences cropped up between them, before going to perform Hajj few days after rumors affected Haifa outside the artistic community relations.

The sources said: to Abuhishama phone Haifa after returning from the pilgrimage, where she was left to Beirut, demanded a return to the understanding or reconciliation, but in this call, asked him for a divorce in a calm, he agreed and divorced her by telephone until agreement on the rest of the details.

The sources revealed that Haifa said to her husband in telephone dialogue, it is unable to complete the marital life, although he assured her the possibility of liquidation of the differences between them.

Sources close to Haifa, she embarked on the move for nearly a month and a half after heated disagreements due to the spread of hot scenes for 'Haifa' Deleted from film Dukan Shehata, and saw her husband these scenes.

The sources revealed that Abu Hashima harassed by a viewer and show that the husband was not aware of the contents of deleted scenes.

The third that separation of Hobe second divorce, as it had already married before her fame and had a daughter from that marriage, and concluded Bouktobh with the late Saudi businessman Tarek Juffali, and sealed the marriage of Abu Hashima, a marriage that did not last.

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